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10 Best Waterfalls Near Oban

Waterfall near oban

10 Best Waterfalls Near Oban

Are you looking to escape reality to be surrounded by spectacular settings and never-ending adventure? Why not go on a well deserved retreat to Scotland’s west coast and set your eyes upon the spectacular waterfalls near Oban. When you combine our beautiful country’s spectacular landscapes with remarkable waterfalls, you are immersed in an enchanting paradise where you will experience ultimate peace and bliss. Listen to the soothing sounds of Falls of Lora, gape at the plummeting torrents of Avich Falls, and breathe in the fresh, crisp Scottish air. 

The little seaside town of Oban is also known as the gateway to the isles because of its ease of access to nearby islands. This makes it the perfect location to adventure and explore a vast array of different magical waterfalls and trails, all within a short distance from our boutique sea view Oban hotel.

We’ve created a list of the most beautiful and peaceful waterfalls in Oban and waterfalls near Oban, with all the information you need in order to find them. From the hidden gems to the popular tourist attractions, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Eas na Muic

A85 towards Dunbeg.

Source: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3965858

Distance from Oban: 5 minute drive.

Location: Near Dunbeg, Oban.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Hard.


Coordinates: 56°26’25.4″N 5°26’44.0″W

Continue to follow the A85, towards Dundee, for around 2 miles and the destination will be on your right before you get to the service station. 

The Eas na Muic is a beautiful waterfall in Oban, Scotland that follows a small stream flowing through a majestic ravine. Definitely the smallest of our waterfalls listed, but yet still captivating to see (if you’re lucky enough to find it). 


2. Falls of Lora 

View of Falls of Lora from bridge of the fjord shelf.

Source: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4198109

Distance from Oban: 10 minute drive.

Location: Connel Bridge, Connel, Near Oban.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Easy.


Nearest Postcode: PA37 1PH

As known popularly as a waterfall in Oban that flows in both directions, Falls of Lora is a tidal rapid situated just 6 miles away from the north east of the town of Oban. The stunning attraction is a desirable destination for kayakers and divers, as well as being an attraction filled with majestic natural beauty that is captivating to set your eyes upon. It is recommended to go to the car park in Connel Village to get the best view.


3. Eas Dubh on River Lonan

View of River Lonan from A816.

Source: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/194582

Location: Glen Lonan, near Oban.

Distance from town centre: 21 minute drive.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Hard.


Coordinates: 56°24’0.68″ N -5°20’11.58″ W

Follow the A816 heading south-east from Oban, which will take you down mesmerizing country roads overlooking beautiful Scottish landscapes. This road follows the River Lonan, in which the waterfall is located on its tributary on your left.


4. Sutherland’s Grove 

Alt Text: Rocky bridge looking down on stream through Sutherlands Grove.

Source: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4232431

Location: Barcaldine, Oban.

Distance from Oban: 20 minute drive.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Medium.


Nearest Postcode: PA37 1SQ

Follow the A85 towards Dundee for around 4 minutes, until you reach the Oyster Inn where you will turn right onto the A828. Be on the lookout for a sign towards Sutherland’s Grove car park, near a Village school and Campsite. Additionally there are regular buses that go between Oban and Fort William where you can stop at Barcaldine.

Once arrived, to see the beautiful waterfall, you must first trail through the enchanting woodland of Sutherland’s Grove. If you take the “Gorge Trail” (the wooden pillars marked with a red stripe), you will be greeted with a dramatic gorge following Glen Dubh, where the waterfall is situated. Here you should try to sneak a peek of the charming rare birds and red squirrels while you explore.

5. Musdale Falls

View of Musdale Falls.

Source: @OrsayOban on Twitter.

Location: Glen Feochan, Oban.

Distance from town centre: 25 minute drive.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Medium.


Nearest Postcode: PA35 1HJ

This hidden gem, situated south of Oban, is easily accessible by the dead-end road to Musdale just off of the A816. From the parking area it is just a 5 minute walk to the falls. Follow the road for around 100m, then take a right onto a grassy track, which will take you through an enchanting forest of majestic trees that will no doubt look beautiful in all four seasons. 


6. Falls of Cruachan

Falls of Cruachan in Autumn.

Source: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3907819

Distance: 28 minute drive.

Location: Ben Cruachan Power Station, Taynuilt.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Medium.


Nearest postcode: PA33 1AN

From Oban, first follow the A85 towards Dundee for around 25 minutes, then Ben Cruachan Power Station will eventually be on your right. Here you can safely park. Otherwise there is a straight bus from Oban to the Power Station. 

When you wander past the realms of Ben Cruachan  power station, there is a trail surrounded by a charming forest that leads up to Cruachan Dam. While walking, you will eventually be able to see the water overflowing from the Cruachan Dan and down the side of Ben Cruachan, creating a majestic waterfall setting underneath the railway line. Most keen munro baggers walk past this majestic waterfall when hiking up to Ben Cruachan. 

7. Avich Falls

Avich Falls in Autumn.

Source: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/107794

Distance from town centre: 49 minute drive.

Location: Dalavich, Taynuilt.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Medium.


Nearest postcode: PA35 1HN

Where it is located, Dalavich, is a stunning location which boasts panoramic views of Loch Awe. From Barnaline carpark, there are two trails to adventure upon, both of which offer a perfect view of the majestic waterfall. The first trail (wooden pillar marked with a red stripe) takes you through the beautiful woods first, which takes around 30 -40 minutes, while the second trail (wooden pillar marked with a blue stripe) takes you straight to the waterfall. 

This picturesque stepped waterfall fills its surroundings with soothing sounds of falling water, making it feel like a true paradise for all visitors. Additionally, the benches make it a picture perfect setting to sit back, relax and have a bite to eat.

8. Glen Orchy Waterfalls – Eas Urchaidh, Eas a’Chathaidh & Easan Dubdha

Picture of Eas Urchaidh.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Easan_Dubha,_Glen_Orchy_-_geograph.org.uk_-_914055.jpg

Distance: 52 minute drive.

Location: Bridge of Orchy, Glen Orchy.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Easy.


Nearest postcode:  PA36 4AA

Take the A85 towards Dundee for around 40 minutes, then take the B8074 on your left, signposted as Glen Orchy, which follows the glen and connects to each laybys near each waterfall. 

All these historic waterfalls of fine rock architecture are unique and extremely picturesque. The lower fall, Eas Urchaidh, 7 miles southwest of Bridge of Orchy, should be the first on your radar, with it being closest in distance, but also arguably the most spectacular of them all. Additionally it has a layby adjacent making it extremely easy to visit. Eas a’Chathaidh, a 5 minute drive south-east from the lower fall, is just a 5 minute walk on a wide, level path from a nearby layby. Finally Easan Dubdha, the upper fall and smallest of the falls, is an additional 5 minute drive south-west of Eas a’Chathaidh and has a rough layby very close by. All in all, these waterfalls offer a great day trip to Bridge of Orchy where you can explore some of Scotland’s more picturesque spots and be overwhelmed with the peacefulness that the soothing sounds of all three waterfalls fills you with. 


9. Etive Mor waterfall

View of Etive mor waterfall in front of Buachaille Etive Mor Munro.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidalexanderelder/15473307583

Distance from town centre: 1 hour drive

Location: Ballachulish, Glen Etive.

Visiting information: Free and always available to view.

Difficulty to find: Medium.


Nearest postcode: PH49 4HY

Etive Mor waterfall is arguably one of the most picturesque and stunning waterfalls in Scotland. With the dramatic views overlooking the Munro of Buachaille Etive Mor, it makes it a truly breathtaking view for any established hikers.

Do not be alarmed though, although it can also be an established Munro bagger’s dream to spot this stunning waterfall while hiking, there is a place to park your car just a 2 minute walk away. The waterfall is very close to the A82 road, which has a minor road nearby where you could safely park. 

10. Crarae Gardens

Waterfall in Crarae Gardens.

Source: https://www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/crarae-garden


Distance: 1 hour 11 minute drive.

Location: Inveraray, Argyl.

Visiting information: Tickets from £6, last entry 3pm. 

Difficulty to find: Easy.


Nearest postcode: PA32 8YA

To explore Scotland’s Humalayan paradise, follow the A85 towards Dundee for 22 miles, then take the A819 on your right, towards Inveraray. Here you will drive through stunning scenery and can even take a pitstop to look upon Kilchurn Castle in the distance. Continue on this road until the A819 ends and turn right onto the A83 where you will eventually reach your destination on your right. 

With its dramatic burn, peaceful waterfalls and stunning views overlooking nearby hills, you can truly relax and explore Scotland’s spectacular nature. For an extra touch of history and culture there is also an Edwardian museum to explore. More information here: https://www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/crarae-garden.


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