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Oban Airport: Everything You Need to Know

Oban Airport: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re not a fan of long trips on the ferry to reach the islands, you may be more suited to flying! Oban & The Isles airport, located in North Connel, provides regularly scheduled flights to a number of the surrounding islands and is by far the nearest airport to Oban.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the airport, its flight destinations, and the benefits of flying.

Oban & Isles Airport

Oban’s airport isn’t actually found in Oban; it’s located just 5 miles north of Oban, in a hamlet known as North Connel.

The airport hosts only one airline, the Hebridean Air Service, which surprisingly only has one aircraft!

There are two types of flights on offer – travelling and scenic. As you would expect, travelling flights refer to flights that are going from Oban to one of the four island destinations, or vice versa.

Scenic flights are when visitors board a plane, travel to Coll/Tiree or Colonsay/Islay, but return back to Oban without landing anywhere. These scenic flights provide tourists the opportunity to experience unbelievable views that can be seen from above without making the commitment to staying on the islands.

Flights Departing from Oban Airport

Oban provides scheduled flights to four islands. These are:

  • Coll
  • Tiree
  • Colonsay
  • Islay

Flights to these islands aren’t operated on Mondays or Tuesdays so passengers can only travel to Coll & Tiree on Wednesdays, and to Colonsay & Islay on Thursdays.

At the weekend (Friday – Sunday) flights change depending on the season. For more information, click the buttons below to be redirected to Oban airports  departure and arrival timetable.

Benefits of Flying to & from Oban Airport

Below, you’ll find a table which compares the time taken to travel to each island by plane vs ferry:

As you can see, opting to fly can reduce your travel time by up to 3 hours and 15 minutes! Also, due to the low altitude of these short flights, they’re known for their incredible views of the sea and islands. By opting to fly, you can experience the best views our beautiful West Coast has to offer.

It’s important to bear in mind however, that despite the reduction in travel time, ferries are scheduled more often and will cost significantly less than flying.

However, if you’re travelling to one of the islands on a day there is a scheduled flight, and you don’t mind the extra cost, we highly recommend flying.

Where to Stay Before the Fight

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